100% Authentic Juagen:Magical Southeast Asia Malay Jamu urut batin therapy 100%正宗抓筋神奇的东南亚马来人草药活血疗法

PREMIUM Recommendation : In historical truths Authentic juagen treatment.100% Authentic jamu urut batin therapy from Malay has 500 years hostory. 强力推荐 : 历史真相中的正宗抓筋治疗,100%正宗来自马来人有500年历史的草药活血疗法。

Magical jamu herbal essence cold and hot blood circulation feeling. Magical dredge the blood vessels effects. In the whole course of treatment time also very high orgasm feeling, and relieve stress effects throughout to whole body, that is not other lady’s Fake juagen or any porn service could compare.


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Authentic Thai juagen man treatment actually come from southeast Asia Malay. Full name call : Jamu urut batin, Common in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Southern Thailand, Brunei. For body tired, pain and sore have special effects. Common in women during confinement. Must find Malay women come to do this Jamu urut batin. Before Islam men by law can marry 4 wives, for many reasons, Malay men think they also have the needs to do such therapy.


Take one session~Crazy & Magical whole body ice/fire blood circulation feeling that will last 2 to 3 hrs. And the magical & powerful Sexual function effects can last up to a month..Magical feelings and effects beyond your imagination. Fast and effectively eliminate fatigue and body pain. Soothe the sinews and improve the main body network vessels and also restore energy.


Jamu urut batin first is for sterilize and detox, dredge the blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, Soothes and repairs skin and damaged nervous system. Enhance the elasticity of muscle and meridian tissue, Dredge the male and female reproductive system, Enhance male and female fertility and sexuality. Actually now 90% men the sexuality no problem. Just various stress become decreased sexual function.so must need do body maintenance~authentic Jamu urut batin!


100% authentic thai juagen treament:Magical Southeast Asia Malya’s Jamu urut batin therapy (Complimentary eye blood circulation treatment)


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Reminder: Virlin therapist only provides professional treatment. Don’t do anything sell body & sexual services. No False Advice, no Cheating, no Scamming & no Additional Fee For Sensual service Or Taking Off Top. So please don’t compare other lady whom they do Nuru sell body service, prostitution service, nude massage and can touch boobs .

Juagen is Cantonese pronunciation spell, Come from DongGuan Sauna massage. They mainly do full set porn service. Masseuse don’t have fixed monthly salary. Want to get more income. When doing massage, they tease & grope man’s testicles and made man can’t tahan. Then sell the full set porn service. Cantonese referred to as Juagen (means hand job). This DongGuan history not come from Thailand. Juagen also not come from Thailand.

抓根是广东话读音,来自东莞的桑拿按摩,他们主要是做一条龙色情服务,按摩女没有固定月薪,想要拿到更多收入,在按摩的时候抓住男人的命根让男人难受, 然后推销一条龙服务。简称为抓根(意思是打手枪)这个东莞历史不是来自泰国, 抓根也不是来自泰国。

If customer don’t want to do Juagen and pay extra charges. They will be unhappy, then will recommend customer to do authentic Juagen. They say this is men’s maintenance. But how does it works? The practice is to grope men’s ball until very painful, and use finger fuck the ass. This is come from Chinese women curse words. Also a revengeful and venting behavior. That is why many man say Juagen is very pain


Because masseuse can’t make more money, sauna manager also can’t get more special commission. Someone sauna manager find people drew a picture, to illustrate authentic Juagen skill is grope men’s ball until very painful, and use finger fuck the ass. And publish this picture on the DongGuan a sauna website: www.sangna.com. This is earlier then Singapore sammyboyforum website. Until now still have many masseuse’s advertise used this picture. Also have some masseuses make a little change this picture. Only men who with low cognitive levels and low IQ levels, will believe this picture is Juagen skill, can aphrodisiac.


Normally sauna boss and manager will strictly stated to all masseuse. In the world really has man’s maintenance. Long long ago have Cantonese, Guangxinese, Teochew, Hokkien, Hainanese go Nanyang. Nanyang means Malaysia, before don’t have Singapore. Malaysia country’s beliefs is Islam. Men can marry 4 wives by islam law. For many reasons, Malay really have men’s treatment and women’s treatment. But they think Chinese eat pork is very dirty. They never allowed Chinese join their religious activities. So Malaysia Chinese don’t know how to do this Malay men’s treatment and women’s treatment.


Islam by law everyone also can’t do porn services, Even wearing clothes is very strict. All Massage service and treatment only can female to female, male to male.


Because China signed the United Nations Economic and trade treaty. Global islam China branch established in Guangzhou. Also start of China Halal food license. DongGuan sauna mainly do full set porn service. All sauna masseuse can’t violate international law when sell the porn service, Also can’t insult religion law. Can’t say this Juagen or authentic Juagen, woman grope men’s testicles this porn service come from Islam. Also can’t say women do porn service come Malay. Who say like that, will past who go jail. boss not responsible


All sauna masseuses only can cheat customer, only can say Juagen or authentic Juagen is come from Thailand. But Thailand really don’t have, so anyone also can’t tell for customer, this is come from what race in Thailand, and how to speak in Thai?


Usually masseuse say do Juagen just hand job only. Or very hard pull the ureter and vas deferens. very painful, serious will make man’s testicles injury, become poor in sexual performance. These masseuses all can’t tell you anything historical and scientific evidence.


Year 2000 China Guangdong start anti-pornography. Until 2008 worst raid. All sex workers start coming Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand. Singapore appear Geylang street walking ladies, KTV ladies, health Center full set porn service. Juagen or authentic Juagen this Cantonese pronunciation spell, began to appear in Southeast Asia. No matter what other masseuse speak of, also couldn’t change the human’s history.